Two entrepreneurs in the market for a business, some super friendly investors, and you.

Welcome to Savana

You're probably here because you're trying to figure out who we are and why we find you so interesting. And maybe to see if there's something interesting for you here, too.  Read on!



Savana Partners

We are former corporate executives that partnered to start a family, buy a wonderful business, and grow them both for many years.

Fiona studied accounting at Bentley, earned a CPA and joined Ernst & Young working in healthcare and consumer technology sectors. After several years she joined a high growth venture backed agriculture startup as a VP of Operations and Strategy. It was here that she discovered the joy of helping COOs prioritize, and that managing a balance sheet well is science and art.

Caleb studied computer science at West Point, and served in Iraq with the Army. Following his service, he went back to school to study business and serve more time in the trenches supporting top executives with a global consulting firm.

Along our journey, we discovered a love for the small and medium sized business and what they do for families--not to mention their foundational role in a country's prosperity. So we started searching for owners like you that would like to consider us as a growth or exit strategy.

We founded Savana, our own small company dedicated to this search for you. We also put together a super friendly group of business owners, funds, and family offices, to help us out with the purchase and future management support.

We are not serial company buyers or serial CEOs.  We are entrepreneurs looking to grow with a beautiful company.

Whether you're looking for a clean exit or want to stay and grow together with us, we would love the opportunity to be part of making your next chapter possible. If you are reading this page, then you're likely already talking to us. If not, we hope to hear from you!

Our visionary High Chair, Savana, and two early employees.