For the transitioning business owner that likes to keep it entrepreneurial.


You are a business owner at a transition point and are considering your options. Hire executives? Bring on partners? Sell and do something else? Retire? You've worked hard and built a great company. You're thinking of what's next for you, but you're also concerned about what will happen to your team, your customers, and the mission.

You believe in entrepreneurial leadership. You like knowing that the day to day operator of your company will be an owner, not an employee working for an absentee owner. And you'd like to choose who that will be.

But you also need someone who can pay what your business is worth.




We are former corporate executives that partnered to build a family and grow a business together.

Fiona studied accounting at Bentley, earned a CPA and joined Ernst & Young working in healthcare and consumer tech sectors. After several years she joined a high growth venture backed agriculture startup as a VP of Operations and Strategy. It was here that she discovered the joy of helping COOs prioritize, and that managing a balance sheet well is both science and art.

Caleb studied computer science at West Point and served in military intelligence in Iraq before transitioning into small business entrepreneurship via management consulting and investing. The resulting battle hardened humor can defuse tense situations as quickly as it creates them.

Along the way, we fell in love with the idea of owning and operating a small business that fit us in an industry we felt strongly about.

We founded Savana, our business dedicated to the search for this company, and successfully raised starting capital from a small group of CEOs and investment offices, who will also invest with us in the purchase.

Each year these firms sponsor a handful of young but high potential entrepreneurs in the purchase of a single company of their choosing to lead into its next chapter of growth. This network and capital helps us make a compelling option for mid-size businesses that would otherwise be limited to working with financial firms and large competitors. And their flexibility allows us to be flexible to your preferences, whether you prefer a complete transition of ownership and responsibility or would like to participate in the next chapter of your company, and anything in-between.

We would love the opportunity to be part of this transition to your next chapter. If you are reading this page, then you are likely already talking to us. If not, we hope to hear from you!

Our visionary High Chair, Savana, and two early employees.