A family business seeking a family business.

Getting to know Savana

Who are you?

We are two small business entrepreneurs who got together to start a family, buy a business, and build a home. We are now on step 2.

Do you have the money to buy a business?

Not much of our own, but we were able to gather a small group of private investors, many of them CEOs of their own businesses. They are willing to provide the capital if we agree to operate the company. We are focusing on the $10m to $20m price range, but are flexible to both sides.

I get a lot of emails from interested buyers. Why you?

Sometimes it takes a long time to find the right one. Other times it's the first one that comes along. But only you can know what's right for you. All we can do is let you know we're here and we're happy to chat so you can get to know us better. We know it's a difficult process (for us, too!) so we do all we can to keep it as smooth and simple as possible.

Are you private equity?

No. Just old fashioned small time entrepreneurs willing to learn and work hard. We will run the company ourselves.

How many other businesses are you spending time and energy on?

None. We want to invest all our time and energy into the one we have and the community we are moving into.

Will I have to stay and work with you?

No, but you have the option to stay. We would love a short period of coaching to ensure a smooth transition.

Can I stay if I want to?

Yes, and we will always appreciate your wisdom. Think of this as an opportunity to change your role from being responsible for everything to doing only what you enjoy most.

What about my employees?

They are family and our best assets. We are committed to maintaining your legacy while driving sustainable growth to create long-term value for employees, customers, shareholders, and the broader community.

What kind of experience do you have? What do you look like?

See below!

Meet the partners


"You can't separate people from process. They are deeply connected. To change one, you must change the other. To understand one, you must understand the other."

  • Investment associate covering healthcare, agriculture, education, and software

  • Strategy and Operations vice president for a fast-growing founder-run consumer brand in agriculture

  • EY manager in healthcare compliance and consumer technology

  • CPA, MS Accounting, UCLA MBA

"It is important for the creative energy that built a business to live on in its DNA, long after the original creators have moved on."

  • Bridgewater

  • McKinsey

  • Military Intelligence

  • West Point Computer Science, HBS MBA




  • Skilled in tactics of persuasion and motivation

  • 95th percentile in multiple dimensions

  • Speaks multiple unintelligible languages

  • Enjoys travel, music, books, dancing, and air vents

About Savana

Fiona and Caleb are a married management team eager to invest their full energy and resources into realizing the fullest potential of one single company.

We are committed to maintaining your company's legacy and value for the employees and the community.

Savana comes from the Amerindian word zabana, meaning "vast, open grassland". To us, it means the sky is the limit.

It's also the name of our newest team member.

The long version

Fiona Yu

Several years ago, Endeavor selected Fiona to lead a growth strategy project for the founder CEO of an education management software company. She fell in love with the challenge and the reward of growing a mid-size company, and set out to do it again as soon as possible by forming Savana Partners.

Before Savana, Fiona was an associate for a leading mid-market CEO/investor and a VP of Operations and Strategy for a high growth consumer brands company in Los Angeles. Previously, she was a management consultant at EY Boston and Los Angeles, serving clients in Healthcare, Consumer Technology, and Media & Entertainment.

Fiona is an avid urban hiker and has a fraternal twin sister.

She has an MBA from UCLA and a Master of Accounting from Bentley University.

Caleb Williams

Caleb's business career was born in a small business while helping an entrepreneurial friend build her business services firm. This firm was later acquired by an investor-backed independent entrepreneur, who then took the company on to phenomenal growth. The experience planted a seed that would become Savana Partners, and he set out to learn more.

Along the way, Caleb became a management consultant at McKinsey, where he focused on growth strategy and operational excellence in a variety of industries around the world. He went on to lead the project management team at Bridgewater responsible for the Dalio Family Office portfolio, and later helped launch an early stage venture capital firm in Los Angeles, now in its second fund. Caleb also served in the military, holding leadership positions as an intelligence officer in the NSA's strategic analysis group directly serving the US Army Pacific Commander and the Joint Task Force Commander in Iraq.

Caleb was once a competitive orienteer, and still enjoys running in unfamiliar terrain.

He has an MBA from HBS and a Computer Science degree from West Point.