A one-company manager

Savana is a one-company manager that provides an attractive transition opportunity for business owners.

Company criteria


  • $5 million or more revenue, looking to sell in the range of $10 million to $50 million

  • B2B, U.S. based, able to sell before 2024

  • Long-term customers, mission critical product

Our focus

  • Technical equipment / instrument repair and maintenance

  • Multi-site healthcare services

  • Testing labs for food and agriculture

  • Precision sensing and data harvesting for farming, logistics, security and defense

Managing Partners

Caleb Williams

Caleb comes from management consulting, project management, and venture capital, and is drawn to classic industry. He has worked for gold mining, water utilities, oil drilling, power generation, fiber telco, armored cash transport, private security, fish farming, chicken farming, tire manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and an eccentric multi-billionaire. He also held leadership positions as an intelligence officer in the NSA's strategic analysis cell tasked to the US Army Pacific and the joint command task force in Iraq, and as a senior tactical advisor embedded in the Iraqi Army in Mosul.

Caleb came across small businesses entrepreneurship as a young intern on a five-person team building a private employer organization (PEO). This firm was later acquired by one of the most successful search funds in the history of the industry. This experience inspired the vision that would lead him to Savana Partners.

Caleb has an MBA from Harvard and a Bachelor of Computer Science from West Point.

Fiona Yu, CPA

Fiona comes from mid-market investing and operations management. She worked most recently as an investment associate for a leading search fund investor and was a VP of Operations and Strategy in a PE-backed high growth consumer brands company. Previously, she was a risk advisory consultant for EY, serving clients in the Healthcare and Media & Entertainment space.

Fiona discovered a passion for the middle market when Endeavor selected her to lead a growth strategy project for the founding CEO of an education management software company in Santiago, Chile. She fell in love with operating mid-size companies and has been all-in ever since.

Fiona has an MBA from UCLA and a Master of Accounting from Bentley University.

Why Savana?

Savana is an independent manager

Business managers generally come in three flavors: strategics, PE funds, and independents. Each type has pros and cons for the seller and their employees, depending on the seller's goals for their business and themselves personally.

Savana is an independent manager. This means:

  • It's just us. The faces you see are the ones that will run your company and will be working with you the whole way.

  • It's just you. We don't have a portfolio. We are 100% committed to your company.

Savana is different

Because independents are so different from each other!

Independent buyers vary widely. That's part of the appeal. And in our experience, they tend to be genuine, good natured folk with an adventurous side.

Some things to consider when getting to know an individual buyer:

  • Their personal alignment with your business (and its employees and customers) in terms of values, fit, and vision.

  • Their experience, not only directly relevant experience, but evidence of having handled a wide breadth of issue complexity, industry variety, adaptability to change, employee personalities, and pressure under uncertainty--as business owners face.

  • Their partners (if applicable). Some individual managers have investment partners as a source of expert guidance and capital. These partners take a financial stake in the outcome of the managers they sponsor, and bring decades of deep experience as business owners themselves.

The best way to learn about Savana is by talking to us.

Meet our partners

Savana interviewed a large number of former / current CEOs and private investors and found over 30 experienced individuals to partner with us. We wanted to build a balanced yet aligned team across expertise, experience, and mindset, and we are fortunate to have found such an incredible wealth of experience and insight to back us.

Our partners (in no particular order):

Kent Weaver, former CEO of Progressive Home Care

Rick Gustafson, former CFO of ServiceMax Inc.

Al Osborne, Professor and Faculty Director, UCLA

Tom Cassutt, CEO of American Security Products

Dave Lazier, President of American Security Products

Badge Stone, former President of Stone Pump & Trench

Ted Baxa, founding President of Frontlight Digital

David Carver, former CEO of HiFive and Hipbone Networks

Rich Kelly, former CEO of San Jose Giants

Jim Edmunds, former President and CFO of Celebrity Kids Portrait Studios

Todd Tracey, former CEO of HemaSource

Alex Wang, former CEO of Medi-Tech/Phycom Group

Chris Jenkins, former CEO of Group A Autosports

David Dodson, former CEO / Executive Chairman of five companies

Richard Augustyn, CEO of NIP Group

Lawrence Dunn, CFO of NIP Group

Jay Davis, former CEO of Vector Disease Acquisition

Jason Pananos, former President of Vector Disease Acquisition

Will Bressman, CEO of RIA In A Box

GJ King, President of RIA In A Box

Lucas Braun, former CEO of OnRamp

Ryan Robinson, former President of OnRamp

Steve Lau, former Co-CEO of FieldEdge

Rameez Ansari, former Co-CEO of FieldEdge

Brandon Cope, former CEO of Angoss Software Corporation

Noah Riner, former CEO of NeuroInternational

Charbel Zreik, former CEO of DCI Design Communications

Chris Lueck, former CEO of FastSpring

Bruce Moszcelt, Co-CEO of T-Base Communications

Trevor Lwin, Board Member of T-Base Communications

Neal Jacobs, Managing Partner, Maven Equity Partners

Lacey Wismer, Founder and Managing Partner, Hunter Search Capital

Susan Pohlmeyer, Managing Partner, Futaleufu Partners

Tiffany Clay-Augustyn, Partner, Endurance Search

Jason Kania, founder of Phoenix Management Consulting

Matthew Burr, General Partner, Red Forest Capital

Next steps

Let's talk and see how we can help you transition and grow:

Caleb: email | 714-333-1492

Fiona: email | 781-605-9772

We genuinely look forward to knowing you.

About Savana

Fiona and Caleb are a married management team excited to find their next company to manage and grow.

We are committed to maintaining the company's legacy while driving sustainable growth to create long-term value for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders and the broader community.

Savana comes from the Amerindian Taino word zabana, meaning "vast, open grassland". For Savana Partners, it means the sky is the limit.